StyleCookie Features FOR SALE

Here you can find features from Studio StyleCookie. We are an in Holland based company specializing in image, inspiration and production.

Each production on StyleCookie is made by Studio StyleCookie or commisioned by Studio StyleCookie. If your are interested in a feature from StyleCookie. Please contact us.

New Artisans by StyleCookie

We went on a search for authentic materials and used tools that reflect the sense of wabi sabi and craftmanship. We searched not only for used products, but also found new items that have the feeling of a “long life”. For instance the featured wallpaper of NLXL. This way the story gets a weathered feeling of materials and crafmanship. You start to wonder what’s new and what’s old. But does that actually matter? Concept & Styling by Anke, Photography by Sanne Tulp@

Published; StyleCookie NL, 2014

Please let us know if you are interested;