ዋጋ ያለው - قيم - արժեքավոր - baliotsua - দামি - တန်ဖိုးရှိသော - vredno ценен - valuós - bililhon - 有價值 - valori - værdifuld - wertvoll arvokas - précieux - πολύτιμη - valè - nui - יקר - मूल्यवान - értékes - berharga - prezioso - 貴重な - vrijedan - wertvoll - verdifull - cenne - มีคุณค่า - valioso - değerli - värdefull


Already for a long time I see too much offering of scarcity and
mediocre things and too little awareness of the real value of products.

Let me help you to create awareness for the impact of beauty and
well-designed products. I truly believe that beautiful things can make
people happy, enrich the soul, add real value and purpose.
That’s what more and more people are looking for!

To connect creative and lineair thinking and teach to look with different eyes.

( studio haeser)

We weten niet hoe de wereld er over vijftig of tweehonderdvijftig jaar uit zal zien, laten we dus proberen daar invloed op te hebben! Zodra je dat doet ben je geen toeschouwer meer, maar deelnemer. Je bent onderdeel geworden van een groep die zich bewust is geworden van z’n eigen mogelijkheden. En dan verandert er iets.”( 'Jelmer Mommers')


Consumerism - People don't see extended value in the cheap stuff they buy.... 

As the digital revolution is likely to kill more jobs, the chances of social unrest will rise. .....if you’re a creator, translator or facilitator.

What is money?

Money is a representation of a promised value. It is based on a set of rules we believe to contain a certain value.


Stone money

What creates the value? Is it the story around the stone or the physical qualities of it? Are more heavy stones worth more than lighter ones?

Wil je ook steenrijk worden? by Hannah van Luttervelt